CrabDiving – Wed 041217 – Bannon Doomed & Trump Has Cake Whilst Bombing

“Bannon doomed’ was the major headlined covered on this episode of the CrabDiving Political Podcast. We learned the Donald and Uncle Nipples have officially fallen out of love, sad. Czar Cheeto Fingers blew Bannon the “kiss of death” and the Chief Strategist for PEEOTUS didn’t do himself any favors by allegedly taking illegal money during the campaign. For some reason, Google searches for “World War Three” have increased by a crap-load. According to facts, Twitler has golfed more than any other American President. Drumpf puked forth mouth garbage about Secretary Clinton. The orange-a-hole-face made sure everyone was aware he was chowing chocolate cake and chilling with the Head Poohbah of China whilst Syria was spattered with really expensive missiles. Texas law enforcement credited a gooey gargantuan glob of used rubbers lodged in a sewage pipe for a prostitution bust at a massage parlor. GOP loads in North Carolina wasted time pushing a pointless anti-marriage equality bill.

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