CrabDiving – Tue 041117 – Spicer Hitler Gaffe & Senator Warren In Pursuit Of The Donald

The Spicer Hitler gaffe was totally freaking astounding and the Crabs covered the complete kerfuffle. RWNJ hate-caster Alex Jones hilariously ended his love affair with Czar Cheeto Fingers, sad. The State Department said Russia colluded with Syria regarding the recent chemical attack. North Korea state run media threatened to launch big, thick nukes if any shade was thrown their way. Our neighbor, Canada announced total marijuana legalization will be coming soon! Regarding the upcoming special elections, the Crabs learned Kansas ain’t looking good for the GOP. Professional homophobe and hate-caster Bryan Fischer busted out some nonsense regarding the first amendment in an amazing clip featured on this episode of CrabDiving. Christo-kook “pastor” Kenneth Adkins was found guilty on eight charges of child molestation. Senator Warren declared herself to be in high speed pursuit of the Shitler. Finally, Pat and Ryan discussed how the crap sandwich United Airlines served up over the weekend is a metaphor for our whole system.
spicer hitler gaffe

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