CrabDiving – Thu 083117 – Mueller Working With Schneiderman & Brian Kilmeade Sucks Off Trump, Figuratively

Mueller working with Schneiderman was central to the discussion on this episode of the CrabDiving political podcast. For once, hypocrite conservatives in Texas didn’t poo-poo big government since Uncle Sam was helping them recover from Harvey. It was announced Houston students will get free meals. Shitler heartlessly proclaimed he will end Obama’s DACA program. Fox And Friends moronic newsboy Brian Kilmeade teamed up with GOP scum in an attempt to end Mueller’s Russia probe. PEEOTUS met with Chuck Grassley for a discussion about ethanol and most assuredly the Trump Junior’s upcoming senate interview. D-bag Sheriff David Clarke resigned his post in Milwaukee. An a-hole Georgia cop is busted on dash-cam admitting to only shooting black people, in an attempt to calm a white woman he had pulled over. A true loon busted out ridic conspiracy theories involving demons, the Illuminati, and a special frequency which transforms folks into Trump-haters.

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