CrabDiving – Wed 083017 – Empathy-Free Trump & Christo Twunts Hurricane Theories

The empathy-free Trump showed up bigly to ineffectively comfort victims of Hurricane Harvey. Unlike the mega-church of evil Christo-twink Joel Osteen, mosques all over Texas opened their doors to storm victims. Shitler twatted forth insensitive and ill-timed tweets while attempting to comfort people fleeing the storm. New York and New Jersey GOP folks aren’t suffering ninny Senator Ted Cruz. Dave Daubenmire heartlessly suggested Hurricane Harvey was sky-god’s answer to all the “baby killing.” Not to be out-done, Christo-loon Rick Wiles stupidly offered up a theory that tied sexual perversion to the natural disaster. RWNJ dick-bag Mat Staver idiotically compared anti-gay groups to Jewish people in Nazi-Germany in the 30’s. Cabinet member Mattis assured the universe that America is not done with diplomacy, despite the ramblings of Cheeto Teats. White House adviser Jared Kushner and Princess Ivanka bitched and moaned about being repelled the Washington elite. The unfortunate looking Eric Trump said Daddy tunes out criticism in an effort to not commit suicide, dark. A racist restaurateur from Cali was outed for donating money to KKK overlord David Duke.
Empathy-Free Trump

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