CrabDiving – Thu 090717 – Dumb Trump Jr. & DeVos Protects Sexual Assault Suspects

The Senate testimony of dumb Trump Jr. was discussed and Shitler’s vile spawn, Don Jr. was thoroughly roasted on the internet for his incredibly stupid excuse for meeting with Russians.  A Democratic Senator reminded his colleagues the dippy son of Trump is criminally liable for fibbing to Congress. The Crabs discussed the latest predictions regarding Hurricane Irma. Load Limbaugh daftly chided detractors criticizing him for his insane theory about retailers and super storm Irma. Education Secretary Betsy Devos announced a plan to role back title nine guidelines and heartlessly pledged stronger protection of those accused of sexual assault. Conservatives disappointed by Paul Ryan plotted to have the in-shape speaker replaced by an outsider. An InfoWars “reporter” was stunned after being justly mocked by a young girl. Corpulent conserv-a-loon Alex Jones smashed a roach he named Nancy Pelosi. A Russian official teased the planet by hinting about the release of the Trump-pee-tape. Pat and Ryan learned a massive solar flare was about to pop off. A national secret inmate swap program unintentionally spread the ideology of Nazi prison gangs, oops.
Dumb Trump Jr

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