CrabDiving – Wed 090617 – Trump Democrats Deal & Hurricane Irma Predictions

The pros and cons of the strange Trump Democrats deal was discussed on this episode of the CrabDiving podcast. Hurricane Irma prediction models were examined. The Crabs reviewed the myth of Ivanka’s influence over her gross, racist orange Daddy. Construction firms in Texas hoped Cheeto Teats would give a wink-and-a-nod so they can employ immigrants to rebuild Houston. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow identified a through-line between DACA repeal and a 1924 eugenicist immigration law. RWNJ loon Liz Crokin dumbly proclaimed Trump detractors are all tied to child sex rings. Hurricane Irma forced the shutdown of a couple of nuclear power plants in Florida. Wife of evil Trump minion Steve Mnuchin offered up an oddly classy apology for her crap comments regarding a possibly untoward jaunt on a government jet. Dirt-bag conserv-a-twunt Kilmeade of Faux News daftly suggested PEEOTUS did not kill DACA. A descendant of Robert E. Lee spoke out against white supremacy and got a lot of crap for it from his church, of all places.
trump democrats deal

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