CrabDiving – Tue 090517 – Trump Ending DACA & Steve King Is Evil

Trump ending DACA was raged over on this episode. Evil, treasonous Attorney General Jeff Sessions busted forth a heinous statement rescinding DACA. The Crabs learned White House officials hoped Shitler would come to his loony senses and not kill Obama’s Dreamer’s Act. Sith Lord Steve King of Iowa suggested deported Dreamers can spread democratic values to their “home countries.” Senators Graham and Durbin called for action on the Dream Act by September’s end. A member of The Don’s diversity council resigned after the DACA announcement. RWNJ load Limbaugh blabbed that storms such as Hurricane Irma are actually a part of a conspiracy by retailers to cash in. Crooked Christo-dink Jim Bakker of course ignorantly offered up that Hurricane Harvey was sky-god’s punishment. The orange-a-hole-face can’t actually implement sanctions upon North Korea because he didn’t hire enough folks to keep the State Department running properly, sad.

trump ending DACA

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