CrabDiving – Thu 110217 – Alt-Right False Flag & Pesky Beavers

An alt-right false flag with insane conspiracy theories dominated CrabDiving on Thursday’s episode. Climate denier and GOP loaded Lamar Smith said buh-bye to the House. Trump picked a white dude, Jerome Powell to run the Fed. Shitler and the Republicans offered up a heinous tax bill that benefits only the rich. Mueller has trained his sights upon a pro-Trump group with ties to Pence. The Crabs discussed rich dudes paying top dollar for infusions of “young blood.” RWNJ trolls secretly planted ridiculous signs promoting the rights of pedophiles in the hands of progressives. Dumbos on the right wrongly believed a civil war brought on by left-wing “super soldiers” will pop off over the weekend. A douche filling in for lunatic Alex Jones on Infowars puked forth a conspiracy theory involving an un-dead Hitler. The Pope called a meeting to discuss granting some priests the right to marry in South America. A Floridian kicked the bucket after being bitten by a rabid bat. In another “When Animals Get Pissed” moment, a beaver took out a power pole leaving a big portion of Canada without power for an hour. Finally, our idiot Secretary of Energy stupidly tied sexual assault to fossil fuels.

alt-right false flag

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