CrabDiving – Wed 110117 – Sessions Perjury & Bump Stocks Are Back

Sessions perjury, or Sessions collusion? The Crabs learned the racist elf Attorney General is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t regarding Russia collusion shenanigans. Creepo Kevin Spacey was hit with more abuse allegations on Wednesday. Former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort was paid craploads from a pro-Russia, Ukrainian political party back in the day. RWNJ and freak xenophobe Laura Loomer went ballistic with her proud Islamophobia on Twitter. A bunch of anti-women, white, GOP dudes in a House subcommittee held hearings on a near total abortion ban. Trumpsucker Betsy DeVos was shocked her evil education policies are proving tough to enact. Finally, in news that is sad and not at all surprising, bump stocks – the gun accessory instrumental in the Vegas shooting – are once again available for purchase, only one month after the massacre.

sessions perjury


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