CrabDiving – Tue 103117 – Conservative Media Targets Mueller & NYC Truck Attacks

Conservative media targets Mueller and the Crabs played choice sound-bites from a few of the more loony RWNJ talking heads. A gunman ran over bikers in a Manhattan park. Former Trump Campaign Manager and political dandy Paul Manafort spent a crap-load of cash on fancy threads. Pat read off some insane texts from Manafort’s daughter regarding Shitler’s run for President. Conserv-a-loon Alex Jones claimed a plot exists to install Robert Mueller at the first King of America. Evil Fox-bot Todd Starnes demanded Trump fire Mueller so this “political jihad” will come to an end. Christo-creep Pat Robertson puked forth PEEOTUS should issue a blanket pardon and put an end to the Russia investigation. The dude that leaked audio of the infamous Lawrence O’Donnell tirade involving ill-timed hammering was sacked. Germany announced that hefty fines would be levied upon media organizations that refused to delete fake news posts in a timely manner. Finally, as a result of Kevin Spacey’s underage sex scandal, Netflix ended House Of Cards.

conservative media targets mueller

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