KVoice, A Voice of Resistance – Tue 103117

It is Halloween and the walls are closing in on Hair Trump!  Robert Mueller is in the Resistance, and Indictment Monday was very satisfying.  We laugh at the right wing freak out, as the RNC doles out talking points.  From FOX “News”, to the administration, in the mouths of every boot licking republican, dripping all over the twitter accounts of the Trumpian sycophants, bottom dwellers of reddit, and on high from the king himself our Russian anointed president, is the rabid call for Hillary Clinton’s arrest and even her execution.  The closer we get to the truth about them the harder the disinformation campaign and the conspiracy driven lies will push back. We lay out the Clinton/Uranium conspiracy and where it came from.  Joy Ann Reid shows us how journalism is done.  John Pavlovitz reminds us that “this is not normal” and we remind you that we are in the majority, especially, as voters flee the Republican Party.  We talk baseball and Yuli Gurriel’s racism.  The numbers are in and there is no question, Russia bought this election. The Senate and House are doing things.  We discuss how Puerto Rico’s crisis will soon be affecting us here on the mainland.  Finally, writer blogger, Jenny Trout provides a first step in combatting the opioid crisis. #resist

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