CrabDiving – Thu 110917 – Rapey Roy Moore & Butthurt Anti-Trans Conservatives

Rapey Roy Moore is discussed on this episode of the CrabDiving Podcast. The GOP senatorial candidate of Alabama was accused of taking a fourteen year-old girl into the woods and undressing her. The fake news folks at Breitbart defended disgraced former judge Roy Moore calling the sexual assault allegations political. The Carrier plant in Indiana Shitler vowed to save during the 2016 Presidential Election laid off employees. Actor Portia de Rossi accused carrot munching Steven Seagal of sexual assault. Evil racist Governor Paul LePage of Maine refused Medicaid expansion even though the voters wanted it. German cops found a snake in the trousers of a drunk. Pat read passages from an article poking fun at various moronic statements from former Trump minion Carter Page. Nazi-like Trump speech writer Stephen Miller was interviewed by the special counsel. The RWNJ douche lords at Fox and Friends puked forth much stupidity regarding a defiant, anti-Trump political musical number at the Country Music Awards. Christo crook Jim Bakker claimed those who speak out against Cheeto Teats shall surely roast in hell. Load Limbaugh ranted about LGBTQ candidates who won bigly in recent elections. Finally, bag-of-dicks hate caster Bryan Fischer offered up “thoughts and prayers” to bolster conserva-twunt Bob Marshall’s efforts to stop the “deviant agenda” of transgender candidates.

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