CrabDiving – Wed 11/08/17 – Trumpism Loses Bigly & Charlie Sheen Accusations

Trumpism loses bigly and the Crabs revel in the prolific levels of RWNJ butthurt. The first openly transgender state legislator was elected in Virginia. The plastic loons at Fox & Friends insanely spun the shellacking the GOP got in yesterday’s election as victories for the right. An Ohio mayor that said buh-bye to the Dems to back Trump got defeated, big-time. Don Jr. crapped the bed on Twitter, regarding an ill-timed tweet meant to remind folks to vote. Pat and Ryan learned about some empty-headed folks in Johnstown, Pennsylvania that shall support Cheeto Teats no matter what. Man baby’s Department of Justice got way authoritarian regarding a yuge corporate merger. Jar-Vanka has been quite unethical with their use of helicopters. GOP blowhard Alex Jones suggested the Texas church gunman carried out the massacre while under control by the deep state. Finally, the North Korean Czar/Supreme leader dude demanded PEEOTUS get the hook after a not-so-presidential speech in the peninsula.

trumpism loses

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