CrabDiving – Tue 110717 – Bad Neighbor Rand Paul & Kim Davis Runs Again

The bad neighbor Rand Paul fiasco was covered on today’s CrabDiving. Pat and Ryan broke down the myriad of crackpot RWNJ conspiracy theories regarding the recent church shooting. A Manhattan D.A. announced they were close to an indictment for abuser Weinstein. The son of Jaws actor Richard Dreyfuss said creepy Kevin Spacey groped him years ago. The hero woman that flipped off Shitler’s motorcade got fired. The Crabs heard from Trump voters that aren’t embarrassed or saddened by their crap vote in 2016 for Cheeto Teats. A tiger attacked and nearly killed a zookeeper. Military officers don’t think much of the orange a-hole-face. Conserv-a-loon Alex Jones suggested Antifa gave the shooter in Texas permission to murder. Speaking of the corpulent tin-foil-hat-jockey, Alex Jones also claimed Chief of Staff John Kelly is allowing PEEOTUS to once again peruse fake news articles from Infowars. Homophobe and infamous criminal Kim Davis is seeking re-election to her old job. Finally, in the news that is very good, the Crabs learned California could legalize magic mushrooms.

Rand Paul

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