CrabDiving – Tue 041817 – Another O’Reilly Accuser & US Armada Gets Lost

Yet another O’Reilly Accuser came forward and the icky details were covered on this episode of CrabDiving. Perhaps due to an unfortunate turn at Albuquerque, the United States “Armada” got a little turned around on its way to North Korea. Dildo Reilly apparently referred to his latest victim as “hot chocolate.” The FBI busted a RWNJ extremist who was planning a mass shooting. The loony Czar of Info Wars, Alex Jones wildly reminded his fans he is not a fake. Speaking of the neckless hatecaster, Jones claimed he couldn’t remember basic facts about his kids because he was high on chili. Conserva-jerk Rick Joyner informed us that Twitler is destined to “subdue” ungodly nations. The great ham head and Fox bot Sean Hannity stupidly said the recent murder broadcast on Facebook Live could be good for explaining the nature of evil. Ivanka Trump scored three trademark deals in China the very day she dined with the Chinese President, lucky. The orange-a-hole-face campaigned for the GOP douche running in a tightly contested in a Georgia congressional race.
another oreilly accuser

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