CrabDiving – Wed 041917 – O’Reilly Fired & Jesse Watters Is Human Garbage

The “Papa Bear O’Reilly fired from Faux News” bells rang and the air was sweeter in Shitler’s Murica, if only for a second. Spicey blew a gasket when he was grilled about that ship that wasn’t going to the Korean Peninsula, when it mos def should have been. Neckless RWNJ Alex Jones was officially diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder, shocker. DildO’Reilly’s gross segment producer Jesse Watters got promoted to another FOX show.  We cover some of that unfunny turd Watters’ gross segments, including harassing a vacationing journalist. Pat and Ryan discussed the upcoming – and hopefully not prophetic – Hulu original The Handmaid’s Tale. And lots more!

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O'Reilly Fired

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