CrabDiving – Tue 080817 – Trump Threatens North Korea & Crazy Jim Bakker Clips

Trump threatens North Korea and the Crabs covered the violent words of PEEOTUS on this episode of the political podcast. Some richies in Silicon Valley didn’t properly pay for the street on which they live and their one-percent-er avenue slyly taken from them. Malia Obama got f’d up at Lollapalooza in Chicago and some a-holes took pics. Shitler found zero good news in recent CNN polls regarding his popularity. Christo-creep Pat Robertson dumbly stated gross Fox News load Eric Bowling couldn’t have sent those dick pics because of his dedication to the Catholic church. Crooked Jim Bakker, along with his loony wife Lori, insanely recounted a recent trip to Cheeto Teat’s White House. Hate-caster Rush Limbaugh popped an angry stiffy over not so modestly dressed Fox reporters. Truculent RWNJ internet personality Alex Jones admitted he chats with and sends memos to The Donald. We learned pud Paul Ryan and the moronic GOP might have to work progressives regarding the debt ceiling.

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