CrabDiving – Wed 080917 – Manafort FBI Raid & Trump Threatens Fire and Fury

The Manafort FBI raid freaked Shitler out big-time, forcing the Donald to call for the firing of Comey. PEEOTUS also nearly saber rattled America into a nuclear conflict with North Korea by invoking the words “fire” and “fury.” Christo-twunt Robert Jeffress said Trump had the blessings of sky-god to attack North Korea. Czar of the do-nothing U.S. Senate, Mitch McConnell drew the wrath of the orange-a-hole-face by slighting our “great leader” publicly. In addition, McConnell was attacked by Trumpalos via social media. Heartless Republican Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) suggested John McCain’s brain tumor caused the GOP healthcare failure. Paul LePage, the racist loon lording over Maine, threatened to raise the state’s voting age (he can’t) if a bill is passed to prevent folks under 21 from buying cigarettes.

manafort fbi raid

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