CrabDiving – Wed 010318 – Bannon v Trump & FOX “News” Keeps Blaming Hillary

The Crabs covered the awesome Bannon v Trump action on this episode. Shitler shot back at Bannon’s comments found in a new book by Michael Wolff, saying his former strategist lost his mind. Breitbart fans ate each other alive after Bannon called Don Jr. “treasonous”. Trump minion Hope Hicks fled after our so-called-president referred to her the “best piece of ass he [Corey Lewandowski] will ever have.” In the Michael Wolff book, we learned Trump called Sally Yates the c-word and that Jared and Ivanka decided Ivanka will be the next Trump to run for POTUS. RWNJ media attacked the Mueller grand jury, citing the racist report that there are lots of brown people on Mueller’s Grand Jury. Following the Bannon bombshells, the loons of Faux News continue to cling to their alternate reality about Russia. Weather reports showed a monster winter storm headed for the east coast. Christo-dink Jim Bakker suggested the Washington train derailment was an act of his pissed sky-god. Finally, Infowars Czar Alex Jones defended the wang of PEEOTUS in a wondrous rant.

Bannon v Trump

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