CrabDiving – Wed 122717 – Rich Getting Richer & Obama Is Most Admired

Rage over the rich getting richer was the theme on today’s podcast. Mueller is questioning RNC staffers about Cheeto Teat’s digital campaign, managed by dick-bag Jared Kushner. Our Embarrassment-In-Chief spent a second day on the golf course, after promising to go back to work. Barack Obama proved to be more admired than Trump per a Gallup Poll. An enormous wang popped up in New York City. Slimeball slumlord Jared Kushner made his tenants sick with his mold-infested, ill-cared-for shacks. The Special Prosecutor said he was gonna charge Dandy Manafort with more crap. The orange-a-hole-face said our gollum AG is to blame for the recent Republican loss with the Alabama Senate seat. Surprisingly, meth-Nazi Bannon cut ties with a GOP Paul Ryan challenger because dude was too racist and anti-semitic. Evil oligarch Ivanka Trump stupidly said she was going to sleep more in the new year. The Crabs learned too many people are carrying guns in Murica, duh. Speaking of guns, ISIS encourages supporters to take advantage of the lax gun laws in the United States.

rich getting richer

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