KVoice, A Voice of Resistance – Fri 060917

On this Episode 38 of K-Voice, A Voice of Resistance, we lament the potential loss of Dodd Frank, consider the new FBI Director, and yell about Mitch McConnell’s successful push to ram the new GOP health care bill through the Senate while we are watching Comey. The courts are bearing down on Scott Poison Pusher Pruitt’s EPA. We talk about the mistreatment of our veterans. We talk about the need to abolish the for profit bail industry as it contributes to mass incarceration and prays on the most vulnerable members of black society. Plus a push in support of S.842, the Fair Chance Act, to ban federal employers and contractors from asking applicants about their criminal history until the final stages of the hiring process. Finally, Wonder Woman! We push politics aside and talk comics and their place in American culture. #Resist

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