CrabDiving – Fri 060917 – Trump v Comey & Jim Bakker’s Angels

The Trump v Comey battle continued on this Faithless Friday episode of CrabDiving. Per usual, Shitler went full Festivus upon the media in a press conference with the leader of Romania standing by his side, awkwardly. Czar Cheeto Teats suggested FBI Director James Comey lied during his recent testimony. The British P.M. screwed herself in a recent ill-advised political maneuver. A homophobic conserv-a-loon student was awarded a failing grade due to her refusal to read works by a gay poet and tries to sue her Prof over the low mark. Along with his brood of crazies, christo-crook Jim Bakker sent Angels to to the aid of Twatler. Hatemongering preacher twunt Kevin Swanson dumbly stated The Handmaid’s Tale could lead to Christian genocide. Supposedly, tapes of GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan discussing money laundering with the Russian Ambassador exist.
trump v comey

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