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The Hollywood Hick podcast starring Brent Parris, with his take on pop culture, celebrity gossip, stupid criminals and all kinds of untoward nonsense that happens to just pop into his brain. You never know what this MotherTrucker might say all y’all!!! And TRUST… He ain’t about to hold nothing back!!!

The Hollywood Hick – Tue 032817 – Trumpcare Fail & Leggins On a Plane

trumpcare fail

Welcome to this “HAHAHA! TrumpCare took a nose-dive y’all” edition of The Hollywood Hick!  Seven and a half years those mothertruckers had to figure out something better than Obamacare and they came up with the shittiest plan, ever! An Oklahoma Republican…


The Hollywood Hick – Wed 030817 – President Fart Puss Is Nuts & STFU Casey Anthony


Check out this episode of The Hollywood Hick, y’all mothertruckers!  President Punkinhead Fart Puss With A Dead Mangy Fox On His Head done falsely accused President Obama of wiretapping his ass. People are just straight-up, stone cold stupid. “You’re in…


The Hollywood Hick – Tue 021417 – New New York Show & Katy Perry Dissed Britney

Listen and laugh as Brent Parris, The Hollywood Hick, opines and regales with all the latest from showbiz and the news! Punking-head-fart-puss-with-a-dead-mangy-fox-on-his-head (Trump) has been the Prez for three weeks, y’all, and already it’s a shit show. Ivanka’s crappy clothes…