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The Hollywood Hick podcast starring Brent Parris, with his take on pop culture, celebrity gossip, stupid criminals and all kinds of untoward nonsense that happens to just pop into his brain. You never know what this MotherTrucker might say all y’all!!! And TRUST… He ain’t about to hold nothing back!!!

The Hollywood Hick – Tue 101816 – Trump Pussygate & Azalea vs. Crowe

Trump Breitbart bribery allegations

The Hollywood Hick regales with more tales from the Florida room, spitting distance from Hollywood and Vine!  Why do car dealers and their maintenance service centers make things so mother truckin’ difficult?  Donald Trump’s “pussygate” story is off the charts!…


The Hollywood Hick – Fri 100716 – Florida Screwed, Y’all & Brangelina Kaput


On this sparkling edition of The Hollywood Hick, Brent Parris worries Florida is screwed, y’all, with all this hurricane Matthew nonsense.  Plus, a bunch of hateful “Christians” done already blamed the storm on gay people.  Kim Kardashian went and got robbed…


The Hollywood Hick – Tue 082316 – Lochte Shenanigans & Lohan Russian TV Demands


On this episode of The Hollywood Hick, recorded right near Hollywood and Vine, the most famous intersection in the world, Brent covers the latest in entertainment headlines!  Ryan Lochte shenanigans in South America regarding a supposed armed robbery, the trashing of a…


The Hollywood Hick – Fri 080516 – Shelton Stefani Marriage & Josh Duggar Getting Sued

shelton stefani marriage

On this knee-slapping episode of The Hollywood Hick, laugh along with Brent Parris as he covers the latest in showbiz BS.  A Shelton Stefani marriage? Blake and Gwen supposedly will hitch up, and hired some fancy-ass wedding designer.  That Ozzy Osbourne…