CrabDiving – Mon 061217 – Shakespeare Trump Assassination Play & Secret Trumpcare

The snowflakes are butthurt to the extreme over what they’re calling the Shakespeare Trump assassination play, better known as “Julius Caesar,” at least to the educated. Shitler accrued battle-damage from his own tweets, regarding his unconstitutional travel ban. The New York Times declared their support of the Public Theatre’s controversial production of Julius Caesar. A Trump treasury pick was withdrawn from consideration after his crap college degree was called into question. A racist Arkansas legislator lost his mind after his own bigoted Facebook posts were “exposed” by a journalist. Dennis Rodman is on his way to North Korea, for whatever weird reason. Evil GOP liars continued to keep their Obamacare repeal bill secret. RWNJ hate-caster Alex Jones insanely stated James Comey committed treason. Also, Jones doomed the children of MSNBC reporter Megyn Kelly to terminal cancer. Jones also stated the ex-Fox-bot to be unattractive and not remotely feminine. On The Resistance, progressive personality Keith Olbermann gave Czar Cheeto Teats the business for asking Comey about Russian hooker tapes.

Trump Assassination Play

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