CrabDiving – Thu 101917 – Trump Grades Himself Ten & W Throws Down

Trump grades himself on his administration’s response to Puerto Rico and, not so shockingly, gives the effort the highest of marks. Chief of Staff John Kelly defended Shitler’s horrific condolence call to the wife of a fallen soldier that died in Niger. “W” Bush delivered a stunning speech against Trump and invoked the name of our so-called POTUS not one time. Fox And Friends idiotic host Steve Doocy called the much ballyhooed Trump dossier a fake. Nazi dandy-dickhead Richard Spencer supporters were vastly outnumbered at a recent racist rally in Florida. Sadly, almost half of voters have bought into Czar Cheeto’s drivel regarding the media. Disgraced Judge and Senatorial Candidate GOP load Roy Moore said some stupid crap about the take-a-knee anthem protests. Quentin Tarantino apologized for ignoring and staying silent about the abuses of criminal creepo Harvey Weinstein. Ham-faced RWNJ and Trump-sucker Sean Hannity got some much deserved shade from journalist Chris Wallace.

trump grades himself 10

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